Leap Motion Applications: Rare Books and Language Immersion - Sponsored furniture provided by Herman Miller

Monday, February 03 | 3:45PM–4:30PM | Versailles Ballroom
Session Type: Professional Development
Leap Motion for Language Immersion
Jeff Kuhn, Assistant Director, Language Resource Center, Ohio University
Language learning is all about context. At Ohio University's Language Resource Center we have developed the 'Holodeck' an immersive learning space that places students in a hands-free computer environment. Using the Leap Motion controller and Google Apps students are able to explore cities, play simulations and navigate the web using gesture and voice controls. The Holodeck provides students opportunities to practice language skills in highly contextual environments that mimic the conditions they will encounter while travelling or studying abroad.

Leap Motion + Rare Books
Juan Denzer, Library Systems Specialist, IT Department, Binghamton University
As rare books become more delicate over time, making them available to the public becomes harder. We at Binghamton University Library have developed an application that makes it easier to view rare books without ever having to touch them. We have combined the Leap Motion hands-free device and 3D-rendered models to create a new virtual experience for the viewer. The application allows the user to rotate and zoom in on a 3D representation of a rare book. The user is also able to "open" the virtual book and flip through it using a natural user interface such as swiping the hand left or right to turn the page.

We'll discuss the technologies used in developing the application and ways that any library could implement the application with virtually no coding at all. Come see a demo of the software and try the Rare Book Leap Motion app.

OUTCOMES: Learn what tools are needed to implement a 3D system (hardware and software) * Being able to interact with a working native application * Discussion of future applications for hands-free 3D interaction in educational settings


  • Juan Denzer

    Engineering & Computer Science Librarian, Syracuse University