Mobile Assessment of Student Learning for the Blended Classroom

Wednesday, February 05 | 9:30AM–10:05AM
Session Type: Professional Development

This session will introduce multiple ways to assess student learning through mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It will feature real-time implementation of evidence-based mobile classroom assessment techniques and demonstrate to participants the results of their mobile interaction. Such brief assessment tools as minute papers, directed paraphrasing, one-sentence summaries, identification of real-world applications, and student-generated test questions are particularly suited to social media through mobile. All participants with digital devices will engage in live feedback exercises both during and after the presentation. Results will be displayed, with analysis, bibliography, and practical applications, on the presentation website.

OUTCOMES: Get an overview of the challenges presented by mobile and socially networked student engagement * Understand the teaching and learning benefits of low-stakes mobile classroom assessment * Get a toolkit of assessment exercises that work in higher education * Learn about multiple technological delivery options for mobile assessments and assignments * Get hands-on experience with three mobile assessment techniques, from both student and instructor perspectives


  • Diane Sieber

    Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder

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