Prime Your Institution for Success: An Introduction to the Learning Analytics Readiness Instrument

Tuesday, February 04 | 11:30AM–12:15PM | Rosedown
Session Type: Professional Development

Is your institution planning to implement learning analytics? Are you ready? How do you know? Come discover a new survey tool to help you think about who and what to involve and how to prepare: the Learning Analytics Readiness Instrument. Designed for institutional reflection and self-study prior to implementation, LARI will provide an institutional profile using feedback from multiple stakeholders to provide decision makers with a comprehensive picture of how to best ensure a successful learning analytics initiative. We will discuss our initial pilot, and how your institution can participate in the next phase of development toward public release.


OUTCOMES: Understand the complex nature of a scalable learning analytics initiative * Examine components across the institution that serve as a means of formative assessment for institutions * Find solutions before an LA initiative is under way * Identify success metrics in the LA field and how they apply to teaching and learning * Understand the distinction between course- and institution-level LA initiatives


  • Kim Arnold

    Director, Learning Analytics Center of Excellence, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Steven Lonn

    HR Data Storyteller, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Matthew Pistilli

    Director, Assessment & Research, Iowa State University of Science and Technology

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