Promoting Student Success through Course Redesign and Retention Strategies

Wednesday, February 05 | 9:30AM–10:15AM | Oak Alley
Session Type: Professional Development
An Epidemics MOOC: An Investigation of Student-Retention Strategies
Megan Kohler, Instructional Designer, The Pennsylvania State University
The goal of this session is to discuss the validity and efficacy of the methodologies implemented in one of Penn State's MOOCs with a specific focus on retention strategies, faculty involvement, and student engagement. Epidemics: Infectious Disease Dynamics consisted of 61 fully animated videos, a custom web app simulation, a weekly recorded roundtable discussion, and a development team of eight internationally recognized faculty with no prior experience in online education.

OUTCOMES: Evaluate the student retention strategies we implemented in our MOOC to determine if they were successful * " Identify key components of MOOC design and what learning strategies should be implemented to ensure student retention and participation rates * Evaluate where MOOCs may be falling short and how we can enhance MOOC design to ensure stronger learning experiences

A Two-Pronged Approach to Student Success
Hae K. Okimoto, Director, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Analytics of the past has focused on reporting how things have been working. Analytics most recently has focused on how it can be used to improve what happens in the classroom, as well as in the support services areas to help students succeed. The University of Hawaii is using analytics to improve what's happening in the classroom and how classes are scheduled. Two examples discussed will be how analytics was used to redesign developmental math and how analytics was used to prepopulate student registration with a full course load to ensure timely progress toward degree.

OUTCOMES: Understand how to use data for course redesign * Understand how to use data for student registrations * Understand how to use data to promote student completion


  • Megan Kohler

    Learning Designer, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Matt Meyer

    Associate Vice President, Global IT, Northeastern University
  • Hae Okimoto

    Director, Academic Technologies, University of Hawaii at Manoa