SEM01-MOOCs, SPOCs, Blended Courses, and On-Campus Classes: Figuring Out Your Campus Strategy (separate registration is required)

Monday, February 03 | 9:00AM–12:00PM | Oak Alley
Session Type: Professional Development
Over the past two years, the topic of online learning has jumped to the forefront of the academic technology landscape. If your institution is not currently in the MOOC space, chances are your leadership is asking you why not. In this interactive session, we will help you untangle the options so you can help your school make informed decisions. You will be interacting with the presenters and the other participants to identify the technological, pedagogical, and operational issues that should be addressed in determining a campus's strategy for course delivery.

OUTCOMES: Identify options in the online learning landscape * Analyze your campus's needs in this space * Understand why other campuses have made the choices they did * Draft a strategy to help your campus determine next steps * Choose and justify appropriate learning technologies and pedagogies for online/blended courses


  • Jennifer Sparrow

    AVP, Research and Instructional Technology, New York University
  • Katie Vale