The Little Worksheets That Could: Simple Forms for Award-Winning Course Planning

Tuesday, February 04 | 11:00AM–1:00PM | Court Assembly Foyer
Session Type: Professional Development
Ever had trouble convincing a veteran instructor that her course objectives need a rewrite? Know a professor who struggles to map out course structure and show how objectives, content, and assessments all align? In this session, you'll hear how an award-winning faculty development program has continuously improved its approach to these touchy subjects over a five-year period. You'll learn simple steps to create more effective course-planning forms, address faculty concerns about rigidity in online course design, and improve satisfaction ratings among workshop participants.


Identify common faculty concerns regarding online course planning and objective design * Identify strategies to clearly and diplomatically communicate the value of course planning and measurable objectives * Create or improve course-planning documents that establish clear structure for online/blended course modules and demonstrate alignment between objectives, instructional content, and assessments


  • Daniel Stanford

    Director of Faculty Development & Technology Innovation, DePaul University