The New York 6 ITAP: New Paradigms for Student Paraprofessional Development in a Consortial Context

Tuesday, February 04 | 10:15AM–11:00AM | Jasperwood
Session Type: Professional Development

In 2011, the Educational Technologists of the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium created ITAP, the Instructional Technology Apprenticeship Program. The goal: engage students in a one-year, consortial, paraprofessional educational technology experience incorporating teaching, learning, and real-world practice. Now in its second year, ITAP has inspired experiments with and new approaches to consortium-level course support, pedagogy, blended learning, professional development, and networking, which has heightened agility and connectivity and created bold, new opportunities in our educational technology efforts. Please join us for a presentation and group conversation about ITAP and learn about how you can create a similar, deeply connected learning program.

OUTCOMES: Learn how six institutions collaboratively built the administrative and governance structures of ITAP * Learn novel ways of jointly developing expertise among student and professional staff in new educational paradigms * Learn how this collaborative work strengthens and empowers professional staff to develop cross-institutional education programs * Engage current and former ITAP students in a conversation about the program and their experiences with it * Learn how functional and effective collaboration between institutions amplifies what each institution is able to do


  • Ted Fondak

  • Ben Harwood

    Lead Instructional Technologist, Skidmore College
  • Liana Nunziato

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