The Yin and the Yang of MOOCs: What IT Leaders and Undergraduate Learners Have Told Us

Tuesday, February 04 | 12:30PM–1:15PM | Oak Alley
Session Type: Professional Development

MOOCs have helped enhance the reputation of some institutions and have provided an alternative method of taking a course for some students. However, MOOCs are not for every student, and they're not for every institution. This presentation will synthesize the results from multiple recent EDUCAUSE studies to provide information on which institutions may benefit from MOOCs, which students may benefit from MOOCs, and where MOOCs fit in the current higher education landscape. This interactive session will include discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of offering MOOCs at your institution, as well as predictions about the future of MOOCs.


OUTCOMES: Understand the various motivating factors that compel institutions to offer (or not offer) MOOCs * Discuss how MOOC learning principles and practices attract (or repel) different types of learners * Recognize the institutional characteristics and learner demographics that mark innovators and early adopters of MOOCs * Theorize how MOOCs currently fit into the online learning landscape and whether they still have transformative potential * Apply research findings to determine if MOOCs are a good fit for your institution


  • Jacqueline Bichsel

    Director of Research, CUPA-HR
  • Eden Dahlstrom

    Vice President, EDUCAUSE

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