Adventures in Personal Cyberinfrastructure: Lessons Learned from Piloting a Domain of One's Own at Four Campuses

Wednesday, February 11 | 10:30AM–11:15AM | Pacific A, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Grounded in data collected at several disparate institutions, this session will offer lessons learned in pilots of programs based on UMW's pioneering Domain of One's Own initiative. In a departure from traditional IT practices, these programs offer participants their own web domains and the tools and resources to launch a broad range of websites, to build custom learning environments, and to curate and manage their digital identities. This panel will introduce the unique initiatives and will explore the broad curricular and IT implications of enabling students and faculty to act as sys-admins of their own teaching and learning spaces.

OUTCOMES: Learn how to create critically engaging programs that provide students and faculty with a personal cyberinfrastructure * Understand the faculty development, support, and assessment challenges of such programs * Consider the implications for the future of online/hybrid instruction and IT support


  • Mikhail Gershovich

    Director of Academic Planning and Digital Learning, Emerson College Los Angeles
  • Jim Groom

  • David Morgen

    Project Manager, Domain of One's Own, Emory University

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