Being There When You Can't Be There: 3D Modeling across Time and Space

Tuesday, February 10 | 11:00AM–11:45AM | California Pavilion Promenade, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
The recent emergence of sophisticated 3-D modeling, visualization and printing holds great promise for a wide variety of disciplines. Imagine a medical student printing a high-definition 3D image of a tumorous organ to practice a surgery; an automotive student printing a hard-to-find part to repair a vintage car; or an art history student in the U.S. manipulating a 3D model of a jade Buddha from China. This presentation will showcase our nascent exploration of this space, including creating 3D models, curating them in a digital library (including a VR tour of the 3D artifacts), and printing the models.

OUTCOMES: Articulate some major opportunities afforded by 3D modeling, curation, and printing * Understand major considerations in developing a 3D strategy locally * Develop a plan for exploring 3D modeling in your local context


  • Jude Higdon

    Chief Information Officer, Bennington College