Gamify! Play! Learn! Leveraging Existing Campus Resources to Create Exciting Learning Experiences

Wednesday, February 11 | 9:30AM–10:15AM | Pacific B, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development

Learn how to gamify your course! We'll share how to effectively apply game elements in course design to improve student satisfaction and learning outcomes. We'll demonstrate strategies to leverage game mechanics to successfully teach large-enrollment courses and how to engage and motivate students, even in some of the most challenging subjects. We'll also share creative ways to leverage your LMS to help you easily gamify your course and demonstrate a Moodle Gamification Module developed at NC State University that does just that.

OUTCOMES: Learn about the elements of games and how they are applied in gamification * Learn why games and gamification are useful in teaching and learning * Learn how to design a gamified learning experience using appropriate tools, techniques, resources, and strategies


  • Steve Bader

    Associate Director for Open Source Applications, North Carolina State University
  • Edwin Lindsay

    Assistant Professor, Parks, Recreation & Tourism Mgmt., North Carolina State University
  • Amanda Robertson

    CEO, The Farthest Pixel

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