How Useful Is That Widget? Multisource Methods for Thorough Evaluation of Instructional Technology Products

Monday, February 09 | 4:00PM–4:45PM
Session Type: Professional Development
With promising new instructional technology products being released all the time, many educational institutions find themselves running frequent technology pilots, each of which requires an effective evaluation plan to assess the product's overall value for enhancing teaching and learning. In this session, we'll show you how UK combined product usage data, qualitative and quantitative faculty and student feedback, and student grades to evaluate five different technology products used in F2F and online contexts. We'll also discuss the strengths and limitations of our methodology and possible future modifications. Come prepared to explore possible assessment strategies for pilots at your own institution.

OUTCOMES: Explore assessment strategies designed for 5 different technology pilots * Understand how and when to combine "hard" usage analytics with "soft" user feedback data * Develop evaluation strategies tailored for your own technology pilots' goals and contexts


  • Virginia Lacefield

    Research Data Analyst, University of Kentucky

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