Introduction to the Gates Foundation's Next Generation Courseware Challenge Winners - Sponsored furniture provided by Herman Miller, Bronze Partner

Monday, February 09 | 5:00PM–5:45PM | California A, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
In 2014, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded $20M to a diverse portfolio of digital courseware and adaptive learning providers to design, develop, and scale best-in-class digital courseware in a variety of general education disciplines. The courseware developed through these new investments is intended to surpass what's currently available to the market in terms of quality, price, scalability, and adaptability and, most importantly, improve the postsecondary success of more than a million low-income students by 2018. In May, the foundation invited over a hundred of the most promising for-profit and nonprofit digital learning innovators to create ambitious proposals to develop, distribute, implement, and scale a new generation of exemplary digital courseware targeted to benefit low-income learners in high-enrollment undergraduate 100- and 200-level general education courses. After a four-month process, the foundation selected seven winners. Come meet with and learn from the winners, who will share their vision of next-generation digital learning. You'll also have an opportunity ask questions and share your feedback in this interactive session.

OUTCOMES: Learn about cutting-edge teaching and learning technologies and implementations that are setting a new standard in courseware quality * Advance learning for all students by providing your input on the featured teaching and learning tools and ideas

Gates Foundation's Next Generation Courseware Challenge Winners: Acrobatiq, Cerego, CogBooks, Lumen Learning, OpenStax, Smart Sparrow, and Stanford OLI