Learning Analytics Impact and Interventions

Monday, February 09 | 5:00PM–5:45PM | California B, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development

Because Knowing Is Not Enough: Examining Interventions Powered by Learning Analytics
John Whitmer, Platform Analytics and Educational Research Director, Blackboard Inc.
This presentation will discuss the findings from a pilot study conducted at San Diego State University that evaluated interventions triggered by learning analytics on a demographically diverse student population. Data from Blackboard Learn and three other academic technology platforms was used to identify and send e-mail interventions to students at risk of failing two introductory-level high-enrollment courses (Psychology and Statistics, n = 882 combined) with historically low pass rates (approximately 25–35%). In this presentation, we will discuss study findings, lessons learned, and next steps to apply learning analytics methods to assist faculty with targeted interventions for improved student achievement.

OUTCOMES: Understand the potential of learning analytics to support student success in a large enrollment course * Identify the most effective predictions and interventions in the case studies presented * Apply the model presented to your own campus

Creating a Student-Centered, Mobile-First Ecosystem
Doyle N. Friskney, CTO, Associate Vice President, University of Kentucky
The University of Kentucky instituted a mobile-first strategy for all student academic and administrative systems, accomplished with the development of a student mobile ecosystem, which provides students with real-time access to information about their academic progress. Mobile applications allow students to access academic alerts and class registration with smartphones and tablets, as well as a course-scheduling cart that's integrated with the degree audit system. The mobile ecosystem allows departments to interact with students in real time, informing them of their progress or needed corrections. The academic mobile ecosystem is made available to all colleges.

OUTCOMES: Understand the necessity of a mobile-first strategy for students * Learn about the importance of mining student data to create a learning analytics system


  • James Frazee

    Deputy Chief Information Officer, San Diego State University
  • Doyle Friskney

    CTO, Associate Vice President, emeritus, University of Kentucky
  • John Whitmer

    Senior Fellow, Federation of American Scientists

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