MOOCs and Online Learning

Tuesday, February 10 | 10:15AM–11:00AM
Session Type: Professional Development

TED-Style Presentation

MacAnatomy: A Unique, Web-Based Approach to the Delivery of Anatomic Education

Ilana Bayer, Assistant Professor, Learning Technologies, Program for Faculty Development, McMaster University
Bruce Wainman,Associate Professor, Director, Education Program in Anatomy, McMaster University

The expansion of McMaster University's Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine into three regional campuses and growth in all health sciences programs necessitated the provision of a web-based system to access anatomic educational materials. In this session, we'll provide an overview of MacAnatomy and discuss team collaboration strategies and technologies that were used to develop, implement, and evaluate it, as well as review the use of the site. We will also share the pedagogical and ethical challenges of displaying human anatomy on the web and the unique issues surrounding multimedia retrieval and delivery we overcame while putting the lab "online."

OUTCOMES: Learn about McMaster's web-based delivery of anatomic education * Discuss challenges with delivering online anatomic educational materials * Identify methods for evaluating educational websites

More Than a MOOC: Designing a MOOC for General Education Credit

Kate Elizabeth Miffitt, Director of Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship, The Pennsylvania State University
Cathy Holsing, Director of Learning Design, The Pennsylvania State University

In order to explore the sustainability and potential of learning at scale, Penn State's College of the Liberal Arts offered a general education credit course in a MOOC platform at a reduced tuition rate in summer session 2014. The course provided an opportunity not only to explore MOOCs' revenue potential but also to deliver a unique learning experience to Penn State students, connecting them to thousands of learners all over the world. In this session, we'll discuss the administrative obstacles, the design and development process, the course delivery, and lessons learned from this project.

OUTCOMES: Identify potential administrative roadblocks to delivering a MOOC as a credit course * Recognize challenges specific to designing for learning at scale * Discuss strategies for the sustainability of MOOCs


  • Ilana Bayer

    Assistant Professor, Learning Technologies, McMaster University
  • Cathy Holsing

    Director, Office for Digital Learning, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Kate Miffitt

    Senior Director - Innovation, Digital Experience, & Accessibility, California State University, Office of the Chancellor

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