Remixing #TvsZ: Hacking Games, Narratives, and Borders - Sponsored furniture provided by Herman Miller, Bronze Partner

Tuesday, February 10 | 11:45AM–12:30PM | California A, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Participants will participate in a condensed version of #TvsZ, a massive open online game (MOOG) that occurs mostly on Twitter and engages students in transnational, collaborative, and transmedia storytelling. They will then have a chance to reflect on and discuss the pedagogical value of MOOGs, such as how their decentralized format blurs the boundaries between teacher and student and brings up moments of productive risk for both. Presenters will share their experience forking an earlier version of the MOOG and invite participants to brainstorm adapting a MOOG to their own pedagogical contexts.

OUTCOMES: Explore how MOOGs promote collaborative, experiential, self-directed learning * Experiment with MOOG design process and pedagogy * Reflect on the implications of digital pedagogical collaboration across borders