SEM01- Innovation and Proven Practice in Online and Blended Learning (separate registration required) Note: Innovations from multiple presenters will be featured in this new online seminar format.

Monday, February 09 | 9:00AM–12:00PM
Session Type: Professional Development
This newly designed preconference seminar features 10 speakers who will present institutional cases of innovations and proven practice in online and blended learning environments. Participants will also interact in an activity specially designed to support engagement and idea collection throughout the program.

Welcome and Overview
Jennifer Sparrow, Senior Director of Teaching and Learning with Technology, The Pennsylvania State University

TED Talks: Innovations in Online Learning
(10 minutes per segment followed by QA)

From Idea to Supported Product: A Process for Identifying and Introducing New Instructional Technologies
Pat Reid, Manager, Innovations in Technology and Learning, Purdue University

How Do You Flip a Course with 600 Students?
Adam B.A. Finkelstein, Educational Developer, Teaching and Learning Services, McGill University

Multimedia Group Work in the Online Course: Digital Media Literacy, Scaffolding, and Successful Collaboration
William Hemmig, Associate Professor, Online Learning Librarian, Bucks County Community College
Jacqueline Fritz , Associate Professor, Learning Technologies Liaison, Bucks County Community College


MSU's "Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse" Course: Are You Ready to Survive a New Way of Learning?
(20 minute presentation with 10 minutes of QA)

Glenn Stutzky, Senior Clinical Instructor, Michigan State University
Keesa Johnson Muhammad, Instructional Designer/Project Manager, Michigan State University
Christopher Irvin, Instructional Designer, Michigan State University


TED Talks: Innovations in Online Learning
(10 minutes per segment followed by QA)

AggieVideo: Crafting an Integrated Video Initiative for UC Davis
Steven A. Faith, Faculty Technology Training Coordinator, University of California, Davis

Scaffolding Problem-Centered Collaborative Inquiry in a Large Online Class
Yan Shen, Instructional Designer, NC State University

Slice It Any Way You Want: Using Hybrid Flexible Design for Student Learning
Lance Eaton, Coordinator of Instructional Design, North Shore Community College

Wrap Up and Closing Comments


  • Jackie Burger

    Associate Professor, Learning Technologies Librarian, Bucks County Community College
  • Lance Eaton

    Director of Faculty Development & Innovation, College Unbound
  • Steve Faith

    Educational Technology Coordinator, University of California, Davis
  • Adam Finkelstein

    Associate Director, Learning Environments, McGill University
  • Bill Hemmig

    Dean, Learning Resources and Online Learning, Bucks County Community College
  • Keesa Johnson

    Learning Designer, Michigan State University
  • Pat Reid

    Dir., ID - Retired, University of Cincinnati
  • Yan Shen

    Lead Instructional Designer, North Carolina State University
  • Jennifer Sparrow

    AVP, Research and Instructional Technology, New York University

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