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Tuesday, February 10 | 3:15PM–4:00PM | California B, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Evidence for Learning tools include including badging, e-portfolios, competency transcripts, and other ways to document lifelong learning. These tools are used to categorize, document, and manage a student's competencies and professional experiences while providing more efficient and effective educational pathways and facilitating transitions among educational providers and employers. Join us for a discussion on how institutions can prepare for "new majority" students and expand services and tools that fit into their student support model.

OUTCOMES: Analyze "new majority" student scenarios to experience how Evidence for Learning can enable student success inside and outside the classroom * Learn how to apply a 5-part framework to help plan comprehensive services for students * Explore Evidence for Learning tools that support these different services within the framework


  • Daniel Hickey

    Professor of Learning Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington

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