Student Innovation Fellowships: Building a Collaborative Infrastructure of Innovation

Tuesday, February 10 | 11:00AM–11:45AM | California Pavilion Promenade, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
We will outline the challenges and early successes of Georgia State University's new Student Innovation Fellowship Program, a team of over 30 students and staff working to support and drive pedagogical and research innovations across campus. Specific attention will be given to projects that have helped operationalized the idea of "innovation" means and connect the program to university-wide strategic aims and program goals. Discussions will encourage participants to apply ideas to their own settings and to develop an action plan to take back home.

OUTCOMES: Operationalize a distinction between excellence and innovation * Identify site-specific barriers to and supports for innovation * Create a plan to build student-centered, interdepartmental, innovation-seeking coalitions at home campuses