The Symbiotic Research Toolkit and How to Share It with Students

Monday, February 09 | 3:15PM–4:00PM | California Pavilion Promenade, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Students don't arrive at college with an innate knowledge of tools that help them research and learn from scholarly work or use these works effectively in their knowledge creation. Nor do they have the time or expertise to independently discover tools and workflows that streamline their investigations. The purpose of this presentation is twofold: to preview a symbiotic research toolkit workflow and to impart strategies for sharing these tools with students. You may already use Google, Zotero, Evernote, GoodReader, Dropbox, PaperShip, and other tools independently. See how research can flow naturally from the seamless and symbiotic integration of these tools.

OUTCOMES: Learn how to use workflow to save, organize, annotate, cite, and synergize scholarly works * Identify the pros and cons of tools substituted into the workflow * Identify and use strategies for sharing toolkit with students


  • Heidi Beezley

    Manager of Instructional Design, University of California, Irvine
  • Will Kerr

    Assistant Director, User Experience, Georgia State University

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