Using a Data-Driven Feedback System to Fundamentally Alter Institutional Economics

Monday, February 09 | 3:15PM–4:00PM | California Pavilion Promenade, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Medical school tuition rates have increased above the rate of inflation for three decades, and in the past decade they have skyrocketed. While it is clear this trend cannot continue indefinitely, educational institutions must rely on revenue flows in order to operate, but few know how these revenue streams can improve if tuition rates must plateau. In this session, the speaker will discuss how to develop a dynamic curriculum to leverage embedded assessments and minute-to-minute student performance monitoring to improve student satisfaction and retention rates, resulting in improved cash flow for the institution.

OUTCOMES: Learn how to use a blended curriculum to dynamically change the classroom experience * Learn how to us predictive analytic methods to develop an individualized curriculum * Learn how to prepare an early warning system to quickly identify students in academic trouble