Active Learning and Outcomes-Based Assessment - Sponsored learning space design provided by Steelcase Education, Gold Partner

Wednesday, February 03 | 12:45PM–1:30PM | Texas Ballroom Salon E, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Lessons from Trenches: The University of Iowa's TILE Program and Indiana University's Mosaic Active Learning Initiative
In 2009, the term "active learning classroom" and the pedagogies supported by those environments were relatively unknown to University of Iowa faculty. The TILE (transform, interact, learn, engage) program emerged as a parallel effort of faculty development, classroom renovation, and educational assessment. Inspired by the success of the TILE program, Indiana University announced the Mosaic initiative in fall 2015. The Mosaic initiative draws on and extends key aspects of TILE to provide a comprehensive set of services for faculty teaching in a variety (or mosaic) of active learning classrooms. In this session, we will share our successes and lessons learned.

OUTCOMES: Understand the similarities and differences between the TILE and Mosaic programs * Explore strategies for creating a wide range of active learning classrooms * Identify the essential elements for success in implementing an active learning program

Outcomes-Based Assessment of Faculty Development
This session will demonstrate how faculty development activities can be designed to produce electronically archivable products or outputs that provide evidence of the impact of specific faculty development activities on teaching and learning. We will present four examples of outcomes-based assessment that use the LMS, e portfolios, e-posters, and student achievement data to document short- and long-term outcomes of faculty learning communities and summer teaching institute workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to share their faculty development programs and brainstorm a plan for outcomes-based assessment.

OUTCOMES: Learn how to use technology to organize and archive measurable outcomes of faculty development * Analyze and present outcomes-based assessment data * Explore "backward design" faculty development activities to create artifacts for outcomes-based assessment


  • Maggie Jesse

    Executive Director, ITS Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology, The University of Iowa
  • Anastasia Morrone

    Dean, Indiana University Bloomington

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