Adaptive Learning and Team Development of Blended Learning Programs

Wednesday, February 03 | 5:15PM–6:00PM
Session Type: Professional Development

TITLE: Adapting the Student Experience

Innovation in higher education has become the cornerstone for success and transformation in the learning environment, and many universities are exploring and implementing adaptive learning tools. University of Maryland University College has implemented several tools in multiple discipline areas. In this presentation, we will focus on work within a business finance course using adaptive learning for both a limited time and throughout a course. We will share the academic and instructional design process, the collaborative work throughout the process, and the team's interaction with the vendor, Realizeit. The initial data analyses from summer show that grades have been improved.

OUTCOMES: Understand how to create a research design for adaptive learning and the project management required for a successful launch * Learn about faculty and content development for an adaptive course * View a course demo and review initial data analyses


TITLE: Teaching as a Team Sport in Blended Education: High Value or Just Hype?

Dartmouth's blended master's degree program in health care delivery science (MHCDS) uses a high-touch, high-tech, highly resourced teaching model. Central is the role of curriculum specialist—a terminal-degree-qualified educator with subject expertise who works with faculty and students on course design and delivery and provides critical integration across the program. The curriculum specialist is lauded as the "glue" integrating faculty and students. We will discuss whether and how this role is transferable to other contexts. Does this human capital investment justify the expense? Does this team teaching model enhance learning or just distance faculty from students?

OUTCOMES: Examine the role of "curriculum specialist" in a high-touch learning environment * Debate whether this teaching team investment drives value that justifies the expense * Identify the opportunities and challenges of "teaching as a team sport"


  • Alice Andrews

    Academic Director for Education, Dartmouth College
  • Karen Vignare

    Vice President, Digital Transformation, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU)