Adaptive Learning: Two Institutional Perspectives

Thursday, February 04 | 9:30AM–10:15AM
Session Type: Professional Development

University of Central Florida and Arizona State University have been working with adaptive learning systems for the past 3 years. Taking the path toward a new innovation may begin with many questions and wondering where to begin. This session will outline challenges and opportunities to consider when evaluating and implementing adaptive learning. The nature of these systems makes it imperative to implement a new specialized faculty development plan. We will show how to leverage what you already know about teaching online in order to rethink course design for adaptive learning.

OUTCOMES: Outline things to consider when choosing adaptive learning systems * Compare current online teaching practices with those required for adaptive learning * Identify key course components requiring redesign for personalized learning."


  • Dale Johnson

    Director of Adaptive Learning Initiatives, Arizona State University
  • Debbie Kirkley

    Instructional Designer - Personalized Adaptive Learning, University of Central Florida

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