Corporate Displays

Tuesday, February 02 | 12:00PM–7:00PM | Texas Ballroom Foyer, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development

Acrobatiq is a learning optimization and analytics company backed by Carnegie Mellon University. Our adaptive learning platform and services enable the rapid development and cost-effective delivery of online learning that adapts to the needs of each learner, enabling educators and academic leaders to deliver and continually improve rigorous, engaging, and adaptive online learning programs and degrees.

Key Issue: Online and Blended Learning

Boundless Learning
Boundless empowers institutions and educators by providing high-quality, modular courseware backed by data analytics, helping ensure student success. Boundless offers a library of over 10,000 content modules in more than 20 subjects, as well as custom content-creation services for institutional partners. Our openly licensed content is modular and tagged with assessment items, so it supports mapping content to learning outcomes

Key Issue: Academic Transformation

Computer Comforts, Silver Partner
Computer Comforts designs and manufactures furniture for learning environments.

Key Issue: Learning Space Designs

Dropbox for Education
Dropbox for Education connects your campus with the collaboration tool faculty and students prefer, letting them work anywhere on any device. In addition, enterprise-grade security features give you the control and visibility you need to manage data across campus.

Key Issue: Accessibility

Ellucian, Platinum Partner
Ellucian delivers an innovative portfolio of technology solutions and strategic guidance to help education institutions thrive in a dynamic world. More than 2,400 institutions in 40 countries look to Ellucian for the ideas that will move education forward, helping people everywhere discover their futures through learning. Visit us at

Key Issue: Assessment of Student Learning, Silver Partner, a LinkedIn company, helps anyone learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve personal, academic, or professional goals. Users get access to a vast online library of high-quality, current, and engaging video tutorials taught by experts.

Key Issue: Mobile Learning

Schoology is the education technology company putting collaboration at the heart of the learning experience. Schoology's education cloud connects the people, content, and systems that fuel education and provides all the tools needed to personalize education and improve student outcomes.

Key Issue: LMS Services

Smart Sparrow
Smart Sparrow is a global ed-tech company pioneering interactive and adaptive technology. Our learning design platform empowers faculty and learning designers to create next-generation learning experiences that are truly engaging, relevant, and personal and continuously improve the student experience using real-time learner analytics. As a result, students are better supported and more motivated to succeed.

Key Issue: Online and Blended Learning

Taskstream helps institutions improve student learning and institutional quality with proven technology and supporting services to manage the full cycle of outcomes assessment and prepare for accreditation. Our secure, hosted solutions are built to scale and are fully supported by our dedicated team of professionals.

Key Issue: Assessment of Student Learning

Introducing Circuit, Unify's "new way to learn, teach, and work"! Born from the engineering DNA of Siemens, Circuit is a next-generation cloud collaboration platform that is revolutionizing the way students, faculty, and administration communicate and work together. Come see how Circuit can help improve student outcomes at your institution.

Key Issue: Evaluating Technology-Based Instructional Innovations

VoiceThread is a cloud-based application that brings your media into collaborative spaces where others can engage using voice, video, or text commenting. The results are highly interactive and engaging conversations that combine stronger human presence with the flexibility of an asynchronous learning environment. VoiceThread integrates directly with any LMS.

Key Issue: Online and Blended Learning