Digital Credentialing Framework: Accelerating the Demand and Scale for Digital Credentials

Wednesday, February 03 | 12:45PM–1:30PM | Texas Ballroom Salon D, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Digital credentials make it easy for anyone to earn, organize, and share their skills and achievements across the web. They are playing an increasingly important role as institutions pursue CBE programs to help learners of all ages gain and display 21st-century skills to unlock new career opportunities. Institutions wishing to create, issue, and validate digital credentials as part of the official transcript face many opportunities and challenges. Learn how innovators in higher education and the workforce are using data-rich digital credentials to identify talent, mark learning pathways, and open doors to opportunities worldwide.

OUTCOMES: Explore the current digital credentialing landscape * Share examples of how digital credentials are being used to date * Get an update on the IMS Digital Credentialing Initiative * Share progress to create an e-transcript to support CBE programs and digital credentialing


  • Deb Adair

    Chief Executive Officer, Quality Matters
  • Mark Leuba

    Vice President, Product Management, 1EdTech
  • Kimberly Moore

    Executive Director for Workforce, Professional and Community, Wichita State University

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