Disrupting the Technology Adoption Spectrum: Thinking Creatively about Faculty Technology Use

Wednesday, February 03 | 4:15PM–5:00PM | Texas Ballroom Salon D, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
In this session we will share the results "The Landscape of Educational Technology, " a yearlong research study at Smith College (which reached 47% of our faculty and spanned 22 academic departments) and provide practical examples of how the findings allowed us to develop a more meaningful faculty development plan. We will also discuss how disrupting the linear technology adoption spectrum has become an essential part of our work and of our newly developed "recipe" model of technology adoption and use.

OUTCOMES: Explore the traditional technology adoption spectrum * Reflect on ways in which this model does or does not apply to your campus culture * Explore new and creative ways of thinking about technology adoption


  • Yasmin Eisenhauer

    Associate Director/ ITS, Smith College
  • Deborah Keisch

    Instructional Technologist, Smith College

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