Exploring Engagement with E-Textbooks: Going Beyond Survey Data Using Learning Analytics

Wednesday, February 03 | 4:15PM–5:00PM | Sequin, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
The use of e-texts allows researchers to study student engagement in unparalleled ways. Indiana University faculty and students have been using e-texts since 2012, via the Courseload e-reader platform. Our previous research indicated that higher instructor engagement is associated with increased student engagement. In this session, we will share how we use Courseload data and learning analytics to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between student and instructor use of e-texts. We will also share how e-text data can contribute to institutional research on student engagement, which tends to be based on demographic data rather than student learning activities.

OUTCOMES: Identify the opportunities and challenges of e-texts for instructors and students * Explore the relationship between e-text engagement and student achievement. * Understand how e-text engagement data can help with institutional research on student engagement


  • Serdar Abaci

    Educational Research and Evaluation Specialist, Indiana University
  • Anastasia Morrone

    Dean, Indiana University Bloomington

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