From Disruption to Design: Whole Person Learning in the New Ecosystem - Sponsored by Pearson, Gold Partner

Wednesday, February 03 | 9:00AM–10:00AM | Texas Ballroom Salon ABC, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
How might the new digital context help us make higher education widely available to and meaningful for an expanded population? This presentation will explore approaches to this challenge through the lens of educating the whole person. How might we empower learners within digital environments and move social learning from the margin to the center of educational designs? What's the potential for learner analytics to create holistic approaches to advising? What are the consequences of the increasingly porous boundaries of our institutions for designing education to help every student develop a life of purpose? Such questions take us to the central tension in higher education between an integrative and disintegrative vision of learning.

Outcomes: Appreciate the idea of "whole person learning" as a goal for all students in higher ed * Consider some of the dimensions of the new ecosystem that could shape approaches to educating the whole person * Explore the potential of digital environments and whole person learning to drive institutional decision making


  • Randy Bass

    Vice Provost for Education, Georgetown University