Integrating Academic and Social Spheres in Higher Education: Providing a Means to Close the Gap and Promote Student Achievement and Retention

Wednesday, February 03 | 2:45PM–3:30PM | Sequin, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Increasingly, student learning needs to extend beyond the classroom. Students often emerge from high school without the active learning experiences that create depth of understanding. The ability to integrate academic and social spheres by leveraging an ecosystem that drives social engagement both in and outside the classroom can shape the student experience, drive engagement, and improve retention. In this session we'll use Schoology's next-generation LMS as the backdrop to understand how today's students and faculty can come together in a highly engaging and immersive digital environment to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

OUTCOMES: Understand the benefits of academic and social integration in the teaching and learning process * Gain perspective on the benefits of a social psychology approach to driving engagement and student success * See why Schoology has become the platform of choice for many colleges and universities, replacing traditional, course-central learning management systems


  • Robert Tousignant