Navigating Online Courses and Effective Video Recordings

Wednesday, February 03 | 4:15PM–5:00PM
Session Type: Professional Development

TITLE: Finding Their Way: Student Perceptions in Navigating Online Course Interfaces

From the outside, Penn State might seem like a single entity offering high-quality e-learning curricula to learners across the globe. On closer inspection, however, online courses within the Penn State system are a diverse collection of offerings with different designs and structures across colleges or departments. How do our online students perceive these divergent course interfaces? Does this diversity of design impact student learning? In this session, we will discuss findings from a survey of nearly 400 online students regarding course structure and the challenges of diverse user interfaces and review the changes we plan to implement based on the results.

OUTCOMES: Learn about online course features that students feel have the greatest impact on their learning experience * Learn how student characteristics impact perceptions of interface differences * Identify key features that could be standardized in online courses

TITLE: Removing Barriers to Video Recording and Sharing

Our faculty struggle with the complexities of video and presentation capture and streaming services, which creates a barrier to the expanded use of video in blended and online learning. Concurrently, there is a hesitation to require student-created video presentations and projects without student access to an easy-to-use, affordable tool for creating and sharing these videos. This presentation will compare and contrast various options for video screen capture and sharing with a focus on feasibility of implementation and ease of use for stakeholders. A case study of a new tool (iLos) will be presented to highlight potential issues and solutions.

OUTCOMES: Discuss challenges confronted by faculty as they create video content for online and blended learning * Compare and contrast the functionality and feasibility of video platforms * Explore business school use cases for student-created video projects


  • Lisa Burke

    Director of STELAR (St. Thomas E-learning and Research), University of St. Thomas
  • Gary Chinn

    Assistant Dean for Digital Learning, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Glori Hinck

    Senior Instructional Designer, University of St. Thomas
  • Cathy Holsing

    Director, Office for Digital Learning, The Pennsylvania State University