Removing Barriers to Video Recording and Sharing

Thursday, February 04 | 11:15AM–12:00PM | Texas Ballroom Foyer, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Our faculty struggle with the complexities of video and presentation capture and streaming services, which creates a barrier to the expanded use of video in blended and online learning. Concurrently, there is a hesitation to require student-created video presentations and projects without student access to an easy-to-use, affordable tool for creating and sharing these videos. This presentation will compare and contrast various options for video screen capture and sharing with a focus on feasibility of implementation and ease of use for stakeholders. A case study of a new tool (iLos) will be presented to highlight potential issues and solutions.

OUTCOMES: Discuss challenges confronted by faculty as they create video content for online and blended learning * Compare and contrast the functionality and feasibility of video platforms * Explore business school use cases for student-created video projects


  • Lisa Burke

    Director of STELAR (St. Thomas E-learning and Research), University of St. Thomas
  • Glori Hinck

    Senior Instructional Designer, University of St. Thomas

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