Seeking Evidence of Effectiveness and Making Technology Approachable

Tuesday, February 02 | 4:00PM–4:45PM | Texas Ballroom Salon F, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
An Emerging Rubric: Analyzing Individual and Organizational Perspectives to Inform the Adoption of New Learning Technologies
Universities face a situation of rapidly evolving, readily available, disruptive, and potentially transformative learning technologies. It can be challenging to conduct nimble evaluations of these technologies within the context of multiple stakeholder needs. We will explore the applicability of various models proposed by innovation scholars to evaluate the adoption and diffusion of new learning technologies and will propose an emerging rubric based on this literature. We will present the results of applying this rubric to several new technologies recently adopted by our institution and the lessons learned in this process.

OUTCOMES: Apply the strategies presented to evaluate technology-based instructional innovations * Identify the benefits of implementing the rubric * Explore the use of the rubric for forecasting

LearnFirst: Making Emerging Technology Approachable
Innovation doesn't happen by accident. Making informed decisions about when and how to implement the "next big thing" in educational technology requires approaching "all the little things" strategically, with a careful eye and a thoughtful perspective. By placing small bets and evaluating a wide variety of new technologies quickly and methodically, we can create new opportunities to improve teaching and learning while opening new opportunities for discussion and collaboration with our partners throughout the university community. We are Penn State's LearnFirst initiative—join us to experience our process for intentional innovation.

OUTCOMES: Understand the value behind dedicating resources to evaluating emerging technology * Get hands-on experience with new technologies and practice evaluation skills * Understand how evaluation and dissemination can create new opportunities for faculty engagement


  • Kyle Bowen

    Deputy CIO, Arizona State University
  • Lisa Burke

    Director of STELAR (St. Thomas E-learning and Research), University of St. Thomas
  • Ed Clark

    Chief Information Officer, California State University, Office of the Chancellor
  • John Kinsella

    Director of Instructional Technology & Digital Media, University of St. Thomas
  • Chris Stubbs

    Manager, Emerging Technology and Media, The Pennsylvania State University

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