SEM02-Powering the Innovation Engine (separate registration is required)

Tuesday, February 02 | 9:00AM–12:00PM | Republic, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Innovation is the latest code word for "change" in higher education. Defining, situating, and operationalizing this concept within teaching and learning presents multiple challenges as well as a plethora of opportunities. Using active learning techniques including team-based competitions and peer consulting, this workshop will engage participants in brainstorming solutions from a wide variety of settings to apply to their institutional context, taking into consideration ownership, resources, and readiness. Participants will leave with a framework of resources, strategies for implementing innovation, and a network of colleagues for future cross-institutional collaborations.

OUTCOMES: Produce a framework of strategies and methods that can successfully drive educational initiatives * Identify opportunities for cross-institutional collaboration * Facilitate workshops on your campus using similar active learning techniques