The Great VCU Bike Race Book: Online Learning Innovation

Thursday, February 04 | 9:30AM–10:15AM | Texas Ballroom Salon D, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Last fall, the UCI World Championship Bicycle Race came to Richmond. Because of the race and spectator congestion, VCU canceled all its Monroe Park classes, except for 26 innovative, imaginative online courses that took place during the race itself. We called it The Great VCU Bike Race Book: 26 one-credit, pass-fail courses ranging from the psychology of motivation, to the physics of bicycling, to bicycling and health. A special faculty development "push" brought the courses online. During the race, student work was posted to the web and curated into a succession of metaphorical "books." Come hear what happened next!

OUTCOMES: Learn how to design a transformative learning project and how special events can be catalysts for innovation * Learn how to enlist stakeholders in a common cause * Learn how to craft meaningful assessments and get project management strategies for technology-enhanced curricular innovation


  • Jonathan Becker

    Associate Professor, Educational Leadership, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Gardner Campbell

    Associate Professor of English, Virginia Commonwealth University