Why We Build, Buy, Bend, and Borrow It: Understanding the Instructional Technology Landscape at Liberal Arts Institutions

Wednesday, February 03 | 11:00AM–11:45AM | Texas Ballroom Foyer, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
This poster will describe the factors that influenced the instructional technology environment at seven small liberal arts institutions. The presenter will share findings from a study conducted using peer nomination technique and the RIPPLES Model, particularly the rich resources, people, policies, and evaluation sections of the interview protocol. The valuable information about instructional technology staffing and its effects on interactions with faculty members captured during the study will be shared.

OUTCOMES: How to understand, improve, or transition to a different instructional technology approach * Understand the challenges and benefits of different instructional technology staffing models * Recognize inconsistencies between your instructional technology staff and faculty culture


  • Fritz Vandover

    Distributed Learning Program Manager, University of Minnesota