Building Equitable Access: Leveraging Adaptive Courseware for Successful Change

On Demand
Session Type: Virtual
Delivery Format: On-Demand

Adaptive learning technologies have the potential to transform the learning experiences of students and faculty alike. Intelligent adaptive learning systems and personalized teaching methods can help instructors meet students where they are, regardless of background, and guide them to success. Since effective adaptive courseware implementation can have a broad footprint at an institution, it’s critical that institutions have the necessary resources and strategic alignment in place to achieve success. In this session the presenters will discuss the effectiveness of adaptive learning technologies, the research behind adaptive courseware, and outline the structural efforted and goals needed at the institutional level in order for implementation to be successful.

Outcomes: Understand the definition and purpose of adaptive courseware and how it supports improvements in pedagogy * Be familiar with different applications of adaptive courseware in postsecondary education aimed at improving foundational courses and reducing achievement gaps * Have an introduction to the evidence base around adaptive courseware efficacy and know where to find more information * Understand the organizational effort required to implement adaptive courseware effectively


  • Peter van Leusen

    Director, Digital Learning Initiatives, Arizona State University
  • Karen Vignare

    Vice President, Digital Transformation for Student, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU)