Inclusive Teaching and Course Design

On Demand
Session Type: Virtual
Delivery Format: On-Demand
Learn more about inclusive teaching and course design. We will discuss actionable practices and considerations with worked examples for your course design and instruction. The poster will be broken into three parts: expectations for interactions, communications and collaborations, and structures for success. Participants will have opportunities to unpack examples of teaching and instructional design techniques and lessons learned.

Outcomes: Identify common parts of a course that can be bolstered to support inclusive teaching * Discover techniques that can be designed into the structures of course or embedded in the course communications to improve inclusive practices * Articulate a plan for improving inclusive teaching practices in your context


  • Chris Gamrat

    Assistant Teaching Professor, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Jason Gines

    Assistant Dean, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Lynette Yarger

    Associate Professor, The Pennsylvania State University