Innovating Smarter: 5 Leadership Hacks to Facilitate Change

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Session Type: Virtual
Delivery Format: On-Demand
Take time to reconnect with what makes you tick as a leader by sharing best practices that allow you and your organization to adapt to the changing learning styles and preferences of students, students' needs for information, and the technology used to infuse pedagogy and spaces. Develop a toolkit that you can use to persuade others to innovate smarter, foster collaboration, spot potential in others, use curiosity to generate momentum for change, and stay grounded with a practice of gratitude.

Outcomes: Define 3 practices energizing your leadership engagement * Critically examine 5 leadership practices used by a nonprofit academic library to innovate smarter and share institutional best practices * Commit to a "take action" challenge to extend the lessons learned to your own campus communities


  • Katy O'Neill

    Director, Loyola University Maryland