Perceptions of Online Privacy at the Intersections of Teaching and Learning

On Demand
Session Type: Virtual
Delivery Format: On-Demand
This session will be led by institutional leaders within the fields of learning analytics and academic technology from two different high-enrollment R1 universities. The speakers will discuss real-world experiences navigating the intersections between the risks associated with exchanging personal data for (real or perceived) institutional benefits, the increase in the use of student-related data across higher education, and the implications of these landscapes on the large-scale deployment of academic technology.

Outcomes: Understand faculty and student perceptions of online privacy and the use of student data * Consider the trade-offs to consider when developing institutional policies * Learn strategies to use when deploying large-scale digital assets


  • Megan Masters

    Director, Academic Technology Experience, University of Maryland
  • Cory Tressler

    Assistant Dean for Technology and Digital Programs, Ohio State University