Sharing Truth: Curricular Transparency at Michigan with Atlas

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Session Type: Virtual
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At large universities where the curriculum is managed across multiple units, obtaining consistent and reliable information on courses, instructors, and majors is often a challenge.  At the University of Michigan, a new service called Atlas offers real-time, visual summaries of these elements and more to students, faculty and staff across 18 schools and colleges in Ann Arbor. Join us as we review Atlas service features, describe efforts to foster a community of practice around curricular transparency, and promote discussion about a future in which curricular pathways and outcomes are analyzed across multiple institutions.

Outcomes: Learn about Atlas features and how to spin up a similar service * Examine multiple stakeholders involved in launching Atlas and how to increase buy-in * Learn about opportunities to engage in research around student choice and outcomes


  • Gus Evrard

    Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Caitlin Hayward

    Associate Director for R&D, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor