Turning Over the Reins: Tutorial Design Driven and Created by Students

On Demand
Session Type: Virtual
Delivery Format: On-Demand
We often talk about designing course content with our students in mind, but what if we empowered students to be the primary creators of that content? In this interactive session, we will take a deep dive into a project to develop an introductory information literacy tutorial for chemistry that was primarily authored by a student and invite participants to reflect on their own practices. You will walk away with tools for creating a similar program at your institution.

Outcomes: Reflect on how you engage with student voices in designing learning objects * Articulate strategies for how you can support students in becoming content authors * Propose and plan a similar model at your institution using the tools provided here


  • Dani Cook

    Director of Teaching & Learning, University of California, Riverside
  • Phyllis Ung

    Curriculum Development Assistant, University of California, Riverside