UDL in Action: Successful Partnerships for Student Success

On Demand
Session Type: Virtual
Delivery Format: On-Demand

This poster considers the perspectives of both the student and the instructor in the context of creating an accessible classroom experience. A senior communication studies student from the College of New Jersey will explain what instructors can do to better accommodate visually impaired students. One of the student's instructors will report on her experiences and the changes she made to improve her course for all students using UDL principles. Strategies for instructor-student partnerships on accessibility will be distributed.

Outcomes: Learn from real-world examples of students and instructors collaborating on accessibility * Identify strategies for partnering with students to enhance the classroom experience for all learners * Discover techniques for improving communication around accommodation needs


  • Judi Cook

    Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, The College of New Jersey
  • Jonathan Zobek

    Student, The College of New Jersey