Using Student Data to Create Inclusive Learning Environments

On Demand
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: On-Demand
My Course Analytics Dashboard makes it easy for instructors at UNC-Chapel Hill to learn more about the diversity of the students enrolled in their courses and how they are performing. Aggregate grade distributions can be compared against a wide range of student demographic data (e.g., transfer status). In this session, you'll get an introduction to the dashboard and policies governing data access, learn about the results of a recent pilot, and can reflect on the role of such data at your institution.

Outcomes: Learn how student data can be used to increase faculty awareness about student diversity and inclusive teaching practices * Identify policy issues that should be considered when making such data available to instructors * Reflect on the value of introducing similar data at your institution


  • Bob Henshaw

    IT Liaison to the Center for Faculty Excellence, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill