Learning Beyond Letter Grades: Exploring the Promise & Possibility of Assessment

Thursday, November 05 | 1:00AM–1:00AM
Session Type: Professional Development
Why do so many schools use letter grades? What do they tell us and fail to tell us about the learners? What is the relationship between letter grades, student learning, and assessment? This three-week course will allow participants to consider different ways to augment or enhance the common letter grade system by designing a variety of formative assessment or feedback strategies. As such, we will examine the benefits and limitations of a myriad of options: peer assessment & workshopping, self-assessment, portfolio assessment, narrative assessment, authentic assessment, and competency-based assessment. As a way to develop a deeper understanding of the subject, you will be invited to examine a variety of real world examples of learning organizations that use or support these different assessment models in place of or in addition to a traditional letter grade system.


  • Bernard Bull

    President, Goddard College