Personalized Learning: Finding the Model that Fits your Institution

Wednesday, July 06 | 1:00AM–1:00AM
Session Type: Professional Development

So called "personalized learning" products, from adaptive learning digital tutors to competency-based courseware, are becoming increasingly prevalent on campus, from widespread adoption in survey and developmental courses to entire online programs adopting them wholesale. They are driving major changes in pedagogy and in the roles of the professor, teaching assistant, and student in significant portions of the college curriculum. And yet, there are few opportunities for faculty and other campus stakeholders to have level-headed conversations about what these products are actually good for (and what they are not good for), how they are being used, and what faculty and students think about them.

By drawing on various implementation case studies, this course will enable you to consider the value of personalized learning for your campus community and to lead productive conversations about its role. Drawing on a range of video case studies and supplemental materials, you will identify the issues and opportunities around personalized learning that are relevant to an institution and student body like yours.


  • Michael Feldstein

    Chief Accountability Officer, eLiterate
  • Phil Hill

    Partner, Phil Hill & Associates LLC