Expertiza: Scalable Reviewing for Student-Authored Content

Wednesday, September 14 | 4:50PM–5:05PM
Session Type: ELI117

When multiple authors-especially student authors-collaborate to write a single work, quality control is very important. The instructor/editor rarely has time enough to review each contribution multiple times until it measures up. The open-source Expertiza platform distributes the task of reviewing among all the students. Students select topics they want to write on and topics they want to review. They fill out a rubric assessing each submission they are assigned. Then they and the authors engage in a rubric-based, double-blind communication about revisions. Expertiza enables metareviewing, teamwork, and team-member assessment. It offers students copious feedback on their contributions and provides instructors with a rich variety of information to use in assigning grades.


  • Ed Gehringer

    Associate Professor, Computer Science, North Carolina State University

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