Opening Digital Paths to Better Communication

Thursday, September 15 | 2:00PM–2:15PM
Session Type: ELI117

Public speaking constitutes communicating effectively back and forth with other people, including strangers. This session will describe four steps in creating a digitized introductory public speaking course, each of which also entails such interchange: 1) gathering information; 2) consolidating materials; 3) testing and disseminating a pilot course; and 4) further expanding and modifying the course. The result, part of the Open Course Library based in Washington state, enables diverse students to observe, emulate, and enlarge on examples of excellent public speaking. A student who's completed the pilot course will share her experiences. Participants will discern components and strengths of the Open Course Library OER project, identify four steps in digitizing an introductory college course, explore challenges and opportunities specific to digitizing a public speaking course, and examine students' experiences in an introductory digitized college public speaking course.


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