Digging into MOOC Mania: One Investor's Key Research Questions and Approach

Thursday, April 04 | 2:05PM–2:35PM
Session Type: Professional Development
MOOCs have captured the attention of millions of learners, higher education stakeholders, and the public media. Is it all simply hype or might there be something to be learned or gained from the MOOC mania? It's still too early to tell because little is truly known about the teaching and learning implications. For which learners and disciplines are MOOCs most effective? Are MOOCs affecting the cost models of higher education? Quality? We all need answers to these questions. This session will share the approach that Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is taking to define and answer key research questions. What are some of the key research questions being asked about MOOCs? How might those questions be answered? What are the opportunities to become a part of the conversation?