What's In It for Us? The Benefits to Campus Courses of Running a MOOC

Wednesday, April 03 | 3:45PM–4:15PM
Session Type: Professional Development
The blogosphere likes to talk about what benefits MOOCs bring to the student, but what about to the institution offering them? Specifically, to the "traditional online" or face-to-face courses offered by the institution? When you bring tens of thousands of like-minded individuals together in a virtual space, amazing things are bound to happen! What are some unanticipated benefits to be gained from running a MOOC? How can universities leverage MOOCs, and what happens while offering them to benefit their campus classes and their course development processes? What greater potential might MOOCs hold for campus courses? We'll list several general ways that running a MOOC can directly benefit campus courses, identify how MOOCs can become quality drivers for an institution, and show how specific emerging practices we've learned from offering MOOCs at Illinois can be immediately applied to your campus courses.